“Stop worrying about who's doing better than you or not.

Be better every new day than your previous day”

Constance Chuks Friday

“It is not enough that we do our best;


sometimes we must do what is required.”


Winston S. Churchill


Welcome at the website of TOP CRUISE EMPLOYER.

Our company is engaged in exploration between employees and employers for several years. After several years of research and training of employees and their feedback, we have decided to introduce the official website with the possibility of voting staff and appreciate both the company and the great work they conduct for their employees.

The website was built with the goal to evaluate employers of cruises companies for all great work and attitude they are giving to the employees. As mentioned in VOTE in menu all your employees could give you marks which made for your company possibility to got AWARDS in TOP CRUISE EMPLOYER.

Companies are NOMINATED by employees or registrated directly by representative of the companies.
Voting is made by employees of each company.

Thank You for cooperation and visiting our website.