Saturday, 13 February 2016 00:22

Congratulations to The Winners of Top Cruise Employer 2015

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Results of TOP CRUISE EMPLOYER are really amazing. Winner is empoloyer AIDA, comments of employees were very positive and mentioned as the best comany people ever had so far. 2nd place went to Fleet Pro, which was big surprise. Employer Seachefs who was in 2014 on the 2nd place kept in best 3 and got a 3rd place. Congratulations to the winners.

Satisfaction of crewmembers are not only about money but more about culture and policy of the company. Largely influenced employees also the approach of supervisors, good career development possibilities, the time of payment of salaries, taxes and insurances, leisure, food, internet on the ship.

This year was 1st time awarded a price for small companies with less than 300 employees.
Great ratings and comments of employees of Trans River Line surprised us.

Comfort, friendliness management and friendly environment that provides company for employees which nearly guarantees a minimum fluctuation.

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