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How is Covid Pandemic situation for Top Cruise Employers 2020 - 2021?

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The COVID-19 pandemic spread to a number of cruise ships on ocean and rivers too, with limited medical resources and higer risk of spread of the disease.

The first cruise ship to have a major outbreak on board with the quarantined from 4th February 2020 approximately one month with 3711 pax and crew was Diamond Princess. That time approximately 700 people were infected and 9 people died.

As well known governments and also ports responded by preventing cruise ships from docking and advising people to strictly avoid travelling, mainly travelling on cruise ships. There are parts on board dangerous but there are safety solutions of technologies which make ships more safety. Anyway many cruise lines suspended their operations to mitigate the spread of the pandemic situation.

As of June 2020, over 40 cruise ships have had confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 on board ships. The last cruise ship with passangers aboard during first wave of the pandemic was MS Artania, which was docking at home port with its last 8 passangers on June 8th 2020. We mentioned passangers, but let’s to look at crew as over 40.000 crewmembers remained on cruise ships, many in isolation, as of middle June 2020. Situation was hard also for agents, helping employers to repatriated, what was not always possible cause expensive costs for cruiselines and also cause countries used to have different and mainly quite often changing rules. Every week filled forms by agents to help employees – shipping companies was helpful to do decisions. Stressful situation was for all indeed. British cruises began to resume in May 2021, United States cruises restarted in June 2021. Rivercruises were sailing since June 2021 too, some companies went only for winter time cruises, but unfortunately goverments in Netherland and later Germany stoped it again. We wish to all shipping companies really better season 2022. Also the best employers are facing hard situation, looking for best strategies and plan best future goals.

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