For several years we do those statistics with crewmembers working on board we are collecting information and we are able to compare previous years. Important is that winner is always Human Factor and good salaries. A lot of companies is spending money for trainings, trainers, risk management, sometimes is enough to pay more to crewmembers and to be really human. What's really goal with your employees.

Education and gradual build own buried people is the best you can do in your company instead of hiring new crewmembers evey month. Not effective work brings losses for each party of tripartity - employer, employee and agent. We all have in hands that human in Human Resources not dies.

As you can see, the most important for the crewmembers is when employer has human approach, appreciates employee as a person, appreciates also work financially and what's really important that crewmembers are happy to get a feedback in comments negative or positive about their work.

Also there is important for crewmembers to have a fair boss, properly get salaries on time and promised wages. Great it when employer is polite and listening opinions, not only opinions of supervisors who often misleads as to cover himself. Great for employers where HR managers are quite often visiting ships. But this is our future coming topic.

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  1. When he has human approach, appreciates me as a person, appreciates also my work financially and when he comments negatively or positively to my work.
  2. When he is fair, properly pays wage on time, more doesn ́t interest me.
  3. When he is polite and hears also my opinion, not just the opinion of our supervisor, who often misleads as to cover himself.
  4. When he is arrogant and drives super car and we toil for minimum wage.
  5. Other.