A lot of agents grows on the market offering jobs on board as mushrooms after rain. With good marketing and stolen Know-How it's not problem to sale product. Important is that you taste it once and you are not interesting anymore. People later on put “agents” to one sack. What's destroying great job and name of “good once”.

In total 28% of asked people will choose agency to find a new job. Unfortunately 6% of candidates are scared and will rather 3 times checked to whom they will give personal data and trust. Because of fees will rather find job directly about 11% of candidates. The most important is for candidates to get a job – well paid job and does not matter who's offering them. So they will send their CVs everywhere and who's the 1st will be able to hire a new employee.

graf 13

  1. I would prefer to travel through agency, I have only very good experiences with agency.
  2. I would rather travel through agency, it ́s dangerous on your own.
  3. The agencies are certainly not trusted, I will rather check three times who I will go abroad through.
  4. I would not travel through agency, I won ́t pay any fees (because some of them keep asking money, not small).
  5. Would not travel through agency, I can arrange a job by myself.
  6. I don ́t choose, I try everything at market, for me it ́s important, that I get well-paid job.